1)   Application to general and international quotas must be done “online” only, through student automation system. Information filled during application will be considered as a declaration of candidates.

2)   The information, requested during application process will be a declaration of candidates. So; there will be no chance to change it.

3)   Results will be announced only through internet (from the official website of the Institute).

4)   Interview location and dates will be announced only through internet (from the official website of the Institute).

5)    Applications to lateral transfer must made directly to directorate of Institute because “online” application will not be accepted for lateral transfer candidates.

6)   Candidates can apply only one of Master Programs with Thesis or Ph.D. However, candidates can apply one of Master programs without thesis, too. Total applications number cannot bu much than two.

7)   Starting from this semester, application deadline has been taken to an earlier date.

8) Those who are senior students and not graduated yet, are also enabled to apply graduate programs and attend the interview before their graduation. Those who receive an acceptance acquire the right of enrollment before the exact registration date and time.

9)   Candidates whom graduated and wish to apply programs must submit their graduation grade point written on transcripts/diploma; but in case of not graduated and studying in the last semester of undergraduate, current graduation grade point acquired until last semestre must enter to the system.

10)  Candidates must submit their undergraduate and master’s transcripts (which must be printed and approved) declared in the online application process during interview and registration period.

11) Those who present their graduate or undergraduate official transcripts have to keep it around during the interview and in the time of registration. Those who could not present their official transcripts to jury will not be allowed to attend the interview.

12)   Those who apply for M.A and Ph.D. programs have to graduate and submit their official/certificated diploma before the exact registration date and time.

13)   If Grade Point Average (GPA) is stated in students’ transcripts or diplomas out of 100, they must enter this information to the system. If it is not stated out of 100, the conversion scale of Istanbul University will be applied.

14)   Students, who apply to Graduate Programs, must obtain an ALES score or an equivalent exam score and YDS score or an equivalent exam score before the application process and submit them as certificated in the exact registration date and time. Applications of those, who do not submit a score will be cancelled and not be assessed.

15)   If the candidates whom have obtain right for registration do not enroll in programs in registration period, other candidates on the list will have obtain a right for registration. For this candidates, new registration period will be announced by Institute.

16)   Tuition fee of the Master’s Degree without Thesis Programs is 9.000 Turkish Lira for 2015-16 academic year. For more information, please visit the Institute’s website.


PS: Applications will not be accepted or accepted applications will be cancelled by Institute who misstates their information during registration period or whom document includes misrepresentation or falsification on.


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